Collaborate Chicago was built with one goal in mind - to drive business and career growth for women entrepreneurs and professionals. And we know women in business...

Why? Because we are women in business!

We have over 12 years of experience working with business owners, building products and marketing campaigns in finance, and in tech and have the knowledge, skills, and background to help support your growth. Collaborate Chicago is a culmination of our experience in finance, tech, business school and working directly with startups and investors, allowing us to apply all of this experience directly to you.

Collaborate Chicago is the resource we were looking for as we build careers and businesses...combining the expertise and experience along with the support and partnership needed. 

Let us be the resource for you.


New stages of growth come with new challenges. That is where the help of a seasoned expert comes in. Coupling the expertise of business, product, and marketing strategist with the skill development of a coach, we create lasting and tangible results. Here are some of the challenges we love tackling:

  • Your team is launching a new product and needs to know more about the marketplace, competitors, and customer values so you can position, market it, and price it properly
  • You are getting ready to pitch to investors and want to feel prepared & polished
  • You're trying to scale up your sales and want to make sure your business model and marketing strategy supports your goals
  • You're ready for a promotion or career change and want help developing a plan to best position you for success
  • You're a strong leader now but want to increase you skills to meet the increased demands of your growing team

We love working with you and the team you have today. Don't have a team yet? We can help with that too. We start where you are.


A strong strategy paired with supported execution can be the difference between being busy and generating results. What do results look like?

  • You have a deep understanding of your customers and your market and know how to offer solutions that meet their core needs

  • You can articulate your value proposition and message in a clear, concise and compelling manner through the best channels to reach and engage your target customers

  • Your business model and future products support your company strategy, and your revenue streams, and costs are in alignment with this strategy and your goals

  • You have a cohesive, comprehensive strategy and direction for your business that is visible and understood at all levels and in all roles, and impressive to potential investors

  • Your resources are appropriately allocated and the time, resources and investment in your company are focused on activities and actions that generate results

  • You have a clear plan for progress towards your development goals and support to help you further develop the skills you need for your next goal